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Raised in a large family and on a small suburban farm in Phoenix, Arizona, my life
has included many activities and experiences that have drawn me to Family Medicine...

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In our practice we provide preventative and medical care for all ages, from healthy newborns to children to adults. We take care of the entire family! Same day appointments are usually available Monday through Friday for established patients.

*Sports Physicals
*Sick Visits
* Annual Physicals
*Abscess Drainage
*Toenail Removals
*Mole Removal
*Drug Screening
*Many more


What's the difference between a Family Medicine Doctor and a GP (General Practitioner)?

Answer: A Great Difference!

A physician trained in the primary care Specialty of Family Medicine undergoes a rigorous additional 3 years of postgraduate medical training (internship and residency) after medical school.

A GP (or general practitioner) is a physician that only completes 1 year of postgraduate medical training (a 1 year internship) and then hangs up his shingle to practice.

A Family Medicine (formerly call Family Practice) trained physician is trained to diagnose and treat and manage medical conditions and provide preventive medical care for every age, from newborns, to teenagers, to adults, to our most seasoned seniors. Hence, Family Medicine gets its name, because Family Medicine physicians treat the entire Family.

For more information about the Specialty of Family Medicine, please click on the following link: www.aafp.org